Empowering you to take charge of your own skincare for better results and a happier world

At Skincare Crafters we believe that the surest path to better, more transparent skincare  products is making them yourself!  We supply everything you need to make your own clean, organic and incredibly effective skincare products at home. Our natural and organic ingredients are free from chemicals, parabens and additives—and packed only with raw and undiluted benefits.

Our Mission  

  • Increase awareness and interest about the ingredients used in skincare products.  

  • Encourage and empower you to create your own products where YOU are in control.  

  • Contribute to a more organic, natural and fair-trade world. 

Our Story

“My passion for skincare started when I was still a young teenager. I’ve always been really picky about what products I put on my skin. It didn’t take long before I started turning products around to read the labels and learn about the ingredients supporting the big claims brands were making. I was bothered by what I learned and started questioning everything. It was more or less at that moment that I considered the possibility of making my own skincare products so I could decide for myself exactly what ingredients were in the products I put on my skin. It was then that the exciting world of DIY skincare  opened up for me. And it is that world that I want to share with you through Skincare Crafters. I wish you a lot of fun, satisfaction, and great results on your DIY skincare journey!”

- Leticia Nöidh, Founder

Why DIY Skincare?  

Besides all the fun, freedom and creativity involved in doing it yourself, DIY skincare has the following benefits.


You have full visibility of what ingredients end up in your skincare products, deciding exactly what ingredients to add or not.


You get to mix and match ingredients according to your own skincare needs, and even combine multiple benefits into one product!  


You can add higher quantities of  your favourite ingredients to create luxury products with stronger benefits at a fraction of what it would normally cost. 


Using organic, natural, chemical-free and fair-trade ingredients is better for you, the environment and society.  

Our Standards  

  • We only select suppliers with many years of experience in the market, and who share our values of quality and vision of a more organic and natural cosmetic industry.

  • We only select natural and organic ingredients that are free from chemicals, parabens and additives

  • We analyse MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and other relevant documentation for all our products.

  • We verify proof of organic certifications.

  • We test all products ourselves, and compare the same product from several different suppliers before choosing the one we think is best.

  • All ingredients are carefully handled to keep their innate superpowers intact.

  • And, of course, all our DIY recipes are thoroughly tested before we share them with you.

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