Who we are

A Swedish brand, family-owned, operating from the island of Lidingö, just outside Stockholm, Sweden, since 2017. We go on the opposite direction of mass production and fast consuming. Our products are produced in small batches at our studio in Lidingö.

Our history and inspiration

Skincare Crafters was born out of the desire to contribute to a more natural, transparent, and sustainable skincare world, with empowered customers at the heart and center. Our vision is to shift the focus more towards the ingredients in a formulation, rather than relying solely on its marketing claims. 

Skincare Crafters' founder, Leticia, was born and raised in Brazil before moving to Stockholm a few years after university, making Sweden her new home. 

Growing up in Brazil, a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, Leticia was immersed  in a vibrant beauty culture based on rich traditions, deep knowledge of natural ingredients, and appreciation for diverse body types, skin tones, and hair textures

Another influence from her upbringing in Brazil comes from her grandfather's garden, where he cultivated various fruits and vegetables, including coffee, banana, and orange trees. This organic and simple approach to food has influenced her skincare mindset, which promotes healthy and nutrient-rich ingredients free from toxins and unnecessary additives. 

Skincare Crafters' products are mindfully crafted, reflecting inspirations from both countries—from Brazil's diverse culture, energetic beaches, and tropical weather to Sweden's peaceful forests, glittering lakes, and environmentally conscious mindset. 

We embrace the richness of nature and celebrate diversity in all its forms. 

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Skincare Crafters Sweden AB
Östra Allén 9, 18165 - Lidingö, Sweden
Org. number 559103-7634