A Swedish brand with Brazilian heritage.

Welcome to Skincare Crafters

We create clean, functional, and sustainable skincare. Inspired by the lush landscapes of Brazil and the sustainability mindset of Sweden, our brand is dedicated to nurturing your skin with thoughtfully crafted formulations that promote health, vitality, and self-care.

Small-batch freshness. Made in Sweden.

Skincare Crafters Floral Body & Hand Oil

Many benefits in one and same product

Our formulations are filed with several rich, natural active ingredients to provide many nutrients and benefits in one and same product.

Multifunctional skincare

We hand-pick every ingredient according to the function we want to achieve and for how it synergises with other ingredients to form an impactful whole.

We go beyond organic

At Skincare Crafters, we take great care to ensure the oils and extracts in our formulations are extracted using the purest methods which are designed to preserve the natural actives, plant compounds and nutrients that boost the health of your skin.


parabens - mineral oils - artificial fragrances - artificial colors - phthalates - sulphates - aluminium - silicones

Skincare Crafters Hydrat & Glow Dry body Oil

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