Rice bran extract

208 kr

INCI: oryza sativa bran extract, rosmarinus officials leaf extract, helianthus annuus seed oil
certified organic by Cosmos/Ecocert
CO2 extract


Properties & recommended uses:

Our organic rice bran extract oil is retrieved from the inner husk and the germ of Oryza sativa rice. With the unique component Gamma Oryzanol, a highly effective antioxidant, rice bran extract is valuable in the fight against free radicals and it has been used for centuries by Japanese women to nourish and protect the skin against premature ageing.

Studies have demonstrated that Phytic acid, present in rice bran extract, is important in regulating vital cellular functions and it stimulates micro-circulation and cell growth. This makes organic rice bran extract oil specially recommended for the eye area, to minimise dark circles and puffiness, as well as for mature and ageing skins.

Rice bran extract contains a high quantity of squalene, a natural moisturizer that stimulates skin healing, which makes this extract effective in the treatment of very dry skin and skin disorders such as dermatitis and eczema, as well as helping to smooth out scars.

It is also a great choice for fine and damaged hair since it moisturises the hair without making it heavy.

Rice bran extract is very concentrated and has a solid consistency at room temperature.

Here's how to use rice bran extract:

  • Place the bottle with the extract in a bowl with hot water, wait 15-30 minutes until the extract becomes liquid.

  • While the extract is liquid, you can mix it with a vegetable oil, e.g. jojoba, apricot kernel or almond and later use the blend on face or body. Use equal amounts of rice bran extract and vegetable oil and check if you like the consistency. If you want it more or less firm, you can add more or less rice bran extract.

  • You can alternatively mix rice bran extract into your regular day/night cream for an extra boost of nutrition and to get all the wonderful benefits that the rice bran extract provides

  • If you do not want to mix rice bran extract with other oils or creams, you can melt it as described above and pour it into a jar. The extract will get solid again at room temperature but it will be easier for you to remove it from the jar. You can even add some brown sugar and turn it into a lovely scrub. Click here to see our jars and bottles.

  • And of course you can use rice bran extract in a DIY skincare recipe (add it to the oil-phase or phase B). Check our DIY recipe page  here.

Our rice bran extract contains organic rosemary extract for extended shel-life.

This extract is produced by using the supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction method. CO2 is a gas that we exhale when we breathe and it is needed by plants in order for them to survive. During the CO2 supercritical extraction, carbon dioxide is pressurised until it becomes a liquid. This liquid  works as a “solvent” pulling the oils and other substances from the raw material (flowers, leaves, etc) without damaging or changing their constitution. When CO2 is brought back to natural pressure it becomes a gas again and it evaporates. What remains is the resulting CO2 Extract. This extraction process is completely free from solvents and from heat and it results in a pure and concentrate extract containing a wider range of the plant’s constituents.


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