Organic Argan hair conditioner

Our recipe for an organic hair conditioner, with lots of natural actives and chemical-free, will leave your hair soft and nourished. We have combined the nourishing and strengthening properties of argan oil with the protective film forming and cuticle smoothing benefits of broccoli seed oil. Plus, our Skincare Crafters SILK works as a natural silicone replacement and provides shine and a wonderful silky feel. The light jojoba oil will add extra care without making the hair feeling heavy.

The combination of essential oils in this recipe refreshes and purifies without striping the hair. And it will also add a fresh and uplifting fragrance to your DIY organic hair conditioner.

Ideal for all hair types!

Ingredients for 250 gr recipe

% Weight in gr Ingredient name Phase
48 120 Water A
3 7,5 Glycerin A
3,5 8,75 Skincare Crafters ECO A
0,5 1,25 Xanthun gum A
7,5 18,75 Jojoba oil B
7,5 18,75 Argan oil B
5 12,5 Broccoli seed oil B
7,5 18,75 Shea butter B
2 5 Beeswax (White) or Beeswax (Yellow) B
4 10 Skincare Crafters MULS B
11 27,5 Skincare Crafters SILK
0,5 1,25 Vitamin E B
Citric Acid or Lactic Acid C
2 (Approx. 40 - 60 drops / 100gr) Approx. 100 - 150 drops in total Divide the total amount of drops between one or more of following essential oils:
Cedarwood, Rosemary, Cypress

Equipment needed

  • Measuring spoon 1 ml
  • One small and one larger bowl- for measuring and mixing the ingredients
  • Digital scale– with 0,1 gram precision
  • Double boiler– for warming and melting oils, butters and oil-soluble ingredients. You can also use a heatproof glass beaker or jar resting in a saucepan with boiling water
  • Stick blender– for mixing lotions and creams.
  • Thermometer
  • Spatula
  • pH stripes
  • Recommended packing for this recipe: PET bottle clear or PET bottle amber with pump


  1. If you are using Lactic acid as pH ajuster, you can skip this step. If you are using Citric acid, follow these instructions: before you start, make a 20% citric acid solution by dissolving 1 ml citric acid in 4 ml of water. This solution will be used at the end to adjust the pH of the emulsion. Reserve it for now.
  2. Using the small bow, and the digital scale, measure all the ingredients from Phase B, and add them, one by one, to the double boiler.
  3. On the larger bowl, dissolve the xanthan gum into the glycerin until fully dissolved.
  4. Measure and add the Skincare Crafters ECO preservative to the glycerin and xanthan gum mixture.
  5. Heat the Phase B ingredients in the double boiler until approximately 75°C to 80°C
  6. In the meantime, while the Phase B ingredients are being heated, measure and heat the water using a saucepan or kettle, until approximately 75°C to 80°C.
  7. When both Phase B ingredients and the water have reached the same temperature of 75°C to 80°C, add first the water to the larger bowl containing the glycerin mixture, and then add the Phase B ingredients to the same bowl.
  8. Mix the blend using the stick blender, for about 1 minute.
  9. Continue to blend using the spatula until the mixture start to thicken. You can rest the bowl in cold water to speed up the process.
  10. When the mixture has cooled under 30°C, add the essential oils and mix it thoroughly.
  11. Check the pH using the pH stripes. The pH of the formulation should be between 4 and 5,5. If it is above 5,5, add 3 - 4 drops of lactic acid or the 20% citric acid solution made on step 1 and measure the pH value again. Repeat if needed.
  12. Pour the conditioner into the bottle and let to cool down completely to room temperature before setting the cap.

How to use

Use as a normal conditioner, applying it to wet hair, after shampooing. Leave it to work for a few minutes and then rinse it off with water.